-  TadpoleTapeä Available Widths (Over-All Width):  1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/2 and 3".
-  TadpoleTape
ä Bulb Diameters: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1".
-  TadpoleTape
ä Standard lengths: 50 and 100 feet.
Benefits of our High-Temperature Fiberglass Heat Protection Products

Fiberglass offers excellent heat resistance, retaining more than half of its room temperature tensile strength at 675°F / 357°C, and more than 25% at 875°F / 468°C.  It begins to soften at 1500°F / 815°C and melts near 2050°F / 1121°C. Non-combustible and excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate hot spots; high resistance to chemicals and unaffected by UV light.
550°F / 287°C  High Temperature & Heat Resistant "Tacky Cloth" White Rubber Impregnated
Fiberglass TadpoleTape
ä Gaskets
High-Temperature Tacky Cloth
Rubberized Fiberglass TadpoleTape
ä Gaskets
This high temperature and heat resistant TadpoleTapeä is made from Tuff-Flex™ 550 Fabric tacky cloth (rubberized fiberglass).  This is a widely used TadpoleTapeä that provides a resilient and non-absorbent gasket material for service against steam, air, water and gases.

Especially useful where a rough or uneven surface or flange exists.  The fabric is a fiberglass base with a special white rubber formulation.  The fabric is tacky, and has a plastic film surface covering that is removed before installation.  The fabric will stick to itself once the film is removed.

Wire Inserted Version: The fill (widthwise) yarn for this version of the fabric has a twisted brass wired formed with it, providing additional strength and electrical conductivity/shielding.

550°F / 287°C continuous rating, excellent sealing properties as a gasket material.

Typical applications are as a door and access cover seal for ovens, furnaces and kilns. Also for gate valves and boiler applications.
high temperature heat and chemical resistant tacky cloth rubberized fiberglass glassfibre tadpole gasket tape seal
Price Table Tacky Cloth Tadpole Tape Gasket Seal High Temperature Heat Resistant