High-Temperature, Heat, Flame Resistant
Genuine TadpoleTape
ä Seals & Gaskets
for boilers, gate valves & door seals
AB Thermal Technology
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Ogdensburg, NY 13669
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Tadpole Gasket
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550F: PTFE Coated  ||  Expanded PTFE  ||  Tacky Cloth White Rubber Impregnated
11 / 12-14
Fiberglass (glassfibre); rubberized fiberglass, vermiculite coated & Teflon coated fiberglass; Silica; Ceramic
1000F: Plain Fiberglass   1500F: Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass    1800F: Silica   2000F: Silica   2300F: Ceramic
Tadpole tape made from expanded teflon ptfe
Tadpole Tape made from high temperature Fiberglass glassfibre Tadpole Tape Gasket 1000 degree F continuous